What’s new / Upgrading


Below is summary of important changes between versions. A full changelog, including changes in versions not yet released is available from https://github.com/dvdoug/BoxPacker/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md

Version 2

3D rotation when packing

Version 2 of BoxPacker introduces a key feature for many use-cases, which is support for full 3D rotations of items. Version 1 was limited to rotating items in 2D only - effectively treating every item as “keep flat” or “ship this way up”. Version 2 adds an extra method onto the BoxPacker\Item interface to control on a per-item level whether the item can be turned onto it’s side or not.

Removal of deprecated methods

The packIntoBox, packBox and redistributeWeight methods were removed from the Packer class. If you were previously using these v1 methods, please see their implementations in https://github.com/dvdoug/BoxPacker/blob/1.x/src/Packer.php for a guide on how to achieve the same results with v2.